Perfectly Unique: ONE MONTH.

September 4th is less than one month away. Whoa to the whoa.

I have copies of Perfectly Unique in my house finally. But to be honest, I haven’t read it again. This is in part because I have read that manuscript a blue-million times [as my mama says]. But also, something new has been going on with me on the inside- this new fear and worry and concern over the content and what people will say and what happens when someone hates it [which they will and that is life] and yeah. I think the professionals call it “insecurity”? 🙂 Whatever it is, it is messy.

But it’s not from God.

And I won’t be overcome by it.

So your prayers, which mean more to me than you could ever know, are so important to me this month as I feel slimy opposition trying to ruin our good times. Really really important. As mentioned on June 4, there are four specific ways that I’d love for you to pray for Perfectly Unique on the 4th of each month… June 4th, July 4th, and now August 4th [or 5th, as the case may be], and then THE DAY, September 4th.

And these are the four things I would love for you to pray:

1. Pray that the book gets into all of the right hands and none of the wrong ones. Pray that each girl who reads this book would feel enveloped by freedom and grace and love and hope.

2. Pray that God would be high and lifted up, glorified, honored, and loved more deeply by the readers of this book.

3. Pray that God will open all the right doors and close all the wrong doors.

4. Finally. Selfishly. Would you pray for my heart, my relationships, my humility, and my sanity. These are all things I fear losing to some degree at some point in this process.

. . . . .

Two quick things:

The Kindle version is only $4.99 this month! Woot. Also, it downloads on August 21st – a full 2 weeks before the paperback ships. [I don’t know why I know that because it doesn’t say that on the page… but I do know that somehow. Forgive me if I’ve made that up….]

Zondervan has uploaded the first two chapters for your free viewing pleasure. Cooltown, population us.

. . . . .

Thank you, friends. As I walk this new-to-me-path, I just can’t tell you how sure I am that I would not be here if it wasn’t for you and I would not know how to traverse this if it wasn’t for your prayers and God’s guidance.

On this Sunday, I am full of thanks- for you, for God, for opportunities to tell about Him, for healing and freedom and truth.



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