Perfectly Unique: ONE WEEK

September 4th is next Tuesday.

Seven days from today, Perfectly Unique will officially launch out into the world.

I’m breathing, but I accidentally just held my breath for those two sentences and I didn’t even realize it until my chest started to burn.

I’m excited. I’m nervous. Mainly today, I anxious to talk to you.

Not ask you for anything [sister, brother, that will come] and not boss you or joke around.

I need to write today like we are friends, because we are. Someday soon, there will be a lot of people who read my words that aren’t my friends- they aren’t you. They haven’t walked this with us. They will be welcomed and loved but, well, they won’t be you.

So today, I blog just to you. My friends.

Do you know what I want? I want to come over to your house, hug your neck, and say thank you.

And tell you that I’ll never forget.

I’ll never forget how you loved me when I moved away from home to big bad [and terribly wonderful] Nashville four years ago.

I’ll never forget how you prayed until I finished writing a book.

I’ll never forget how you cried with me when I signed with my first literary agent [and how you teared up with me when that didn’t pan out].

I’ll never forget how we’ve walked through good days and bad days, all through this computer screen.

I’ll never forget when From Head To Foot released and you rallied around that little puppy like it was your kid in a beauty pageant.

I’ll never forget how you cheered me to Scotland and cheered me right back home.

And I’ll never. no not ever. forget what it felt like to get to tell you about signing with Zondervan.

I’ll never forget that as much as this is my dream come true, it’s OUR dream too, isn’t it? 

Next week, we celebrate. We party. And we throw our hands up in thanksgiving to God for all He has done to get us here.

But this week, I cry. As I sit here at my dining room table, tears streaming, completely undone, I can’t measure my gratefulness for you. You- yes I mean you personally. With 1000+ posts in our history, it is impossible to measure the heart of who we are here at AnnieBlogs. And no matter how many books I write, that will not change. We are still us and will be us, even when new friends join and haters leave nasty comments and people think I’m famous [when you know I am not]. We may never feel the difference of it not just being us anymore- in fact, I hope we don’t. But just in case, I wanted to talk to you.

Today, as I feel our front door opening soon to let others in, I just can’t answer that knock without first looking around the room, through blurry teared-up eyes, at all the faces that have shared this house for years, and say thank you.

Thank you.

Thank. You.

To God be the glory, y’all.

You are loved here.


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