2016 Christmas Party Episode 1: Living With Landyn + Decorating For Christmas!

Landyn Hutchinson on That Sounds Fun Podcast

I decided to throw a Christmas party. And I want you to coooooome!

(And yes. I know today is the day before Thanksgiving. But sue me I am ready to talk Christmas.)

Here’s the thing. I LOVE DECEMBER. A bunch of us do. And the dream of my holiday would be to throw a Christmas party that all of y’all can attend. Sadly, my home would not even come close to holding us all (but I’d sure try).

So instead? I’m throwing a podcast party. Every Thursday in December, we’ve got a podcast episode coming your way, all Christmas themed, some fun surprises, and jingly background music from our pal Dave Barnes.

Obviously, in order to throw a party, you gotta decorate. So my friend Landyn Hutchinson, better known as Living With Landyn, popped into the studio and helped me sort out some of my decoration issues. Mainly, I tend the decorate every corner of my living room but ignore the rest of the place. BUT NO LONGER THANKS TO LANDYN!

So whether you are traveling today or just spending a few minutes alone on the treadmill before family life really kicks up, I hope you’ll let Landyn and I hang out with you and talk Christmas!!

(If you aren’t already subscribed to the podcast, today would be the day to do that so you don’t miss anymore of the Christmas party!)

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– Landyn Hutchinson

– Dave Barnes

A Very Merry Christmas by Dave Barnes

A December to Remember by Dave Barnes

Nicolle Galyon

Deanna Kay

Tennessee Titans

Steve Hutchinson

Landyn’s White Chicken Chili (I said “turkey chili” in the podcast… how embarrassing. It’s chicken.)

Painted Fox


Landyn’s Thanksgiving Post

– Cluse Watch

Living With Landyn Gift Guides

Smell Alarm Clock

Kid Mailbox

Speak Love Gift Guide

Perfectly Unique Gift Guide

Let’s All Be Brave Gift Guide

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