2016 Christmas Party Episode 4: Christy Nockels

I legit super-fanned this woman the first time we met. (You’ll hear my confession in today’s episode.) I’ve just been a fan for so long, y’all! What could I do but act insane?!?! Luckily, Christy Nockels decided that I wasn’t the craziest woman she has ever met and she decided that since we live in the same town and have lots of the same friends, she’d give me a chance to be normal in her presence.

And you’ll be proud to hear, my friends, that I am quasi-normal around her most of the time now. 🙂

She’s wonderful, a dear friend, and her Christmas album has been a constant companion of mine this holiday season. Christy also has her own podcast and uou also can hear me interviewed by her over there!

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Dave Barnes

– Christy Nockels

IF: Gathering

The Thrill of Hope


The Purest Place

Lauren Tomlin

Bianca Olthoff

The Well


Passion City Church

Church of the City

Rebekah Lyons

Louie Giglio

– Passion City Church Messages

The Glorious in the Mundane

Queen of Hearts 

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