2018 Christmas Party Episode 6: Jessica Turner

I cannot keep up with my lists and calendars and THINGS TO DO before 2019. I don’t want to miss the beauty of this season because of the crazy I feel in my schedule. So Jessica Turner was just the woman to call upon to help us all find a little mores space and balance.

Jess juggles a million things- family, full time job, author life, speaking, blogger, THE LIST KEEPS GOING. And somehow she still gets so much done and has a great spirit about her. I think you’re gonna love some of her tips and ways that she has prioritized certain things to make space for other things. Already feels like my Christmas is getting less stressful.

Here is the Stretched Too Thing Time Log that we talked about in the show. If you want to do it with us, start on Sunday (Dec 16)! And make sure you grab Jess’s new book Stretched Too Thin to gift to the women on your Christmas list.

Thank you to our friends at ChurcHome and Prep Dish for sponsoring this episode.

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