2020 Christmas Party Episode 10: Nikki DeLoach + Hallmark Christmas Movies!

Well listen. If there is one episode that is DEEPLY RESEARCHED (and there is literally ONE that is researched every year), it is this one. My BFFs and PhD candidates in Hallmarkology, Jen and Jami, are back to tell us about the lineup of Hallmark Christmas movies for 2020. We also get an incredibly special and fun visit from Hallmark star Nikki DeLoach and if you’re sure you are ready to hear Jami fangirl for 40 seconds, here it is. 🙂

(Even if you aren’t a Hallmarkie, I think you’ll love the humor and friendship and interview! Even if you don’t know the movies, you’ll love this one!)

Remember we have episodes for you EVERY DAY between December 7-18! Twelve days of (Podcasting) Christmas!

. . . . .

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Nikki DeLoach

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