EnneaSummer 2019: Eights

Strong hearts and soft hearts. That’s what you are going to experience today in our Enneagram 8 episode. Patrick and Annie let us in to a deeper understanding of what it is like to challenge, to battle, to walk with justice at the front of your mind. I am so thankful for these two friends and what they offer to those that they love- protection, truth, vulnerability, loyalty.

Enneagram 8s, thank you for being strong when it isn’t always easy. Thank you for leading and serving, often at the same time. Here’s to all the ways you care for the rest of us and all the ways we can care for you.

Thank you to Rothy’s for sponsoring this episode!

Sleeping At Last music

Atlas: Eight

Beth McCord

Enneagram 8   

Martin Luther King Jr.

Deuteronomy 31:6

Dave Barnes

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 62: Dave Barnes

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Suzanne Stabile

EnneaSummer 2019: Suzanne Stabile

Myers Briggs

Title Boxing

Eurail Pass 

EnneaSummer2019: Twos

Ian Cron

The Gut Triad 

EnneaSummer 2019: Sixes

 Isaiah 40:11

The Enneagame  

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