EnneaSummer 2019: Fives

Gracious this episode with our enneagram 5s is special. People with this personality type usually doesn’t like to be the center of attention, so Emily and Goose really took one for the team this week being on the show. I am so so grateful for them- they both helped me to fall more in love with the 5s in my life and see them for who they really are (even if Goose doesn’t *totally* love the enneagram.) 🙂 

Enneagram 5s, thanks for all you learn and know and research so that we can all grow. I’m thankful for your thoughtfulness and kindness and the ways you collect information for the good of others.

Thank you to Prep Dish for sponsoring this episode.

Sleeping At Last music

Atlas: Five

Beth McCord

Enneagram 5

Matthew 11:28-30

The Square Church

Cross Point Church  

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Jacob wrestles with God

5 Love Languages

The Enneagame  

Episode 145: Kevin Madsen from HeyDad

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