EnneaSummer 2019: Ones

Time to fall in love with the enneagram ones in our lives! Lee and Jami are here to tell us their experiences from their own point of view. I ask them all sorts of questions, fail them by not giving them the questions ahead of time, and find myself teary at the end because we are just so lucky to have enneagram ones in our lives.

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Expert words from Beth McCord :


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Sleeping At Last music

Atlas: One

Beth McCord

Enneagram 1

The fruits of the Spirit

Cross Point Church

Ian Cron

The Road Back To You podcast- When Good is Never Good Enough: Enneagram 1’s- Episode 12

Dave Barnes

Richard Rohr    

Enneathought of the day

“Here Again” by Elevation Worship

Revelation 21:4

Matthew 25:21


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