EnneaSummer 2019: Sevens

Well DON’T YOU KNOW I’ve been waiting on this one. 🙂 As your resident enneagram 7, I feel like y’all know this number pretty well because you put up with me every episode. But having Drew and Cait in the room around microphones with me made for triple the fun. 

I love the way this conversation went- yes to lots of laughs, but also lots of honesty about our fears, anxiety, and the power of perseverance in our lives. I learned a lot in this episode and I’m grateful for how honest everyone was. (And YAY I GOT TO ANSWER THE FUN QUESTION. LOL.)

Grateful for these two 7s and how they bring FUN and JOY to my life. 

Thank you to Samaritan Ministries for sponsoring this episode. 

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