Episode 297: Christine Caine + How Did I Get Here?

Christine Caine is BACK and as FIRECRACKER as ever for us! Man today’s convo is IMPORTANT. Yes- it’s a notetaking one for sure. Her new book How Did I Get Here? is really powerful and important. It releases June 8th, but go ahead and pre-order today!

ALSO! Join us on June 10th for an exclusive online event to celebrate the book launch! Head to https://www.howdidigetherebook.com/.

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Christine Caine

An Evening with Christine Caine and Friends Event

Matthew 25:23

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Propel Women

Luke 22:42

Number 14:24

John 6:66

Psalm 55:12


Strengths Finders

Matthew 16:24

That Sounds Fun Day at Dollywood

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