Episode 327: Curt Thompson + Soul of Desire

I cried just about start to finish of this conversation with Dr. Curt Thompson and I cried just about start to finish while reading his new book The Soul of Desire. Paying attention to where your emotions and soul and body meet is so important and Dr. Curt is an absolute expert and guide and leader and coach and caretaker and I’m so grateful to share this hour with him and with y’all.

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Curt Thompson

That Sounds Fun Network

Being Known Podcast

IF: Gathering 

Anatomy of the Soul

The Soul of Shame

Genesis 1:28

Matthew 5


Dominion book

Luke 24:13-35

1 Corinthians 13

Genesis: The Story We Haven’t Heard

The Chosen 

John 8:12

John 16:33

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