Next Gen Episode 4: Three Teen Girls + A Life of Lovely


This one surprised me.

I called a couple of my favorite gals- Camden (13), Raleigh (15), and Katie Marie (19)- to see if we could talk all about being a teenager. Because all of our experts this month have been experts BUT who knows teens better than teens. 

And these young women BLEW MY MIND.

Buckle up for an incredibly beautiful and profound conversation.

(Also dear adults, here’s a spoiler: we still don’t need to be on snapchat- teens think that is weird, but we need to understand it.)

. . . . .

I also have a new book releasing this week for young women- A Life of Lovely– a younger version of Looking For Lovely, specifically edited and specifically re-written with younger gals in mind. I will be reading you a few pages from this book today on the podcast as well.


Thank you to our friends Run the Race and Prep Dish for sponsoring today’s episode.

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