That Sounds Fun Episode 110: Ryan O’Neal + Sleeping at Last

Ryan O’Neal, who makes music under the name Sleeping At Last, is one of the most creative and inspiring people I know. As many of you know, he has been creating a series of songs around the enneagram types. Just last week, the seven song released (which is the enneagram type I am!) and so I asked Ryan to join us today to talk about all the songs, his creating process, and songwriting in general.

Get ready to be inspired to make something. Anything. That’s what Ryan does to us- makes us want to be better makers.

Ryan O’Neal

Seth Creekmore Precipice


International Soccer

Beth McCord

Ian Cron

Road Back to You

9 Types

David Hodges

Seth Abram

Chris Heuertz

Atlas Volumes 1

Atlas Volume 2

Jeremy Cowart

Grey’s Anatomy


Vampire Diaries

Sacred Enneagram

Enneagram 2

Father Richard Rohr

Jon Foreman


Mission Impossible Fallout

3 Identical Strangers

Incredibles 2

Won’t You be my Neighbor

Remember God

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