That Sounds Fun Episode 114: Hayley Morgan

Hayley Morgan is a force for truth and light and standing on your own two feet. I’ve loved being friends with her for years and as always happens, when you stick around someone’s life long enough, you see them grow and change. She’s watched that in my story, and I’ve watched it in hers. And her new book Preach To Yourself is an absolute testimony to the power of truth and will call you higher in who you are. (And she’s awesome and fun and you will just adore her. Amen.)

Hayley Morgan

Seth Creekmore Precipice

Grant Skeldon

Tim Tebow/Max Lucado

Influence Conference

Preach to Yourself

Wild and Free

Jess Connolly

Ephesians 2:10

Scott Sauls

Josh Harris: I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Nest Fest

Good Grit

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