That Sounds Fun Episode 115: Laura Bento + Good Grit

I’m such a huge fan of Good Grit Magazine and WHOA was I honored/surprised/happy when Laura Bento, the founder and CEO, asked me to help curate an issue and be the guest editor. I wrote a few original exclusive pieces, had my friends interviewed and featured, and got to fly to Scotland for the cover shoot! You guys are going to love getting to know Laura and hearing all about the behind-the-scenes making of a magazine. (And there is a super special guest that will bring tears to your eyes!)

If you subscribe to Good Grit Magazine this month, you can still get my issue! Use the discount code “ANNIE” to get $10 off your subscription!

Thank you to our friends at Prep Dish for sponsoring this episode.

Laura Bento

Good Grit Magazine

Seth Creekmore Precipice

John Cassimus

John Crist

Trey Kennedy

Church of The Highlands

Pat Barrett

Shane Quick – Premier Productions


Ciara Menzies

That Sounds Fun Weekend

Matt Damon Non Profit

The Ryman

Dave Barnes

BT Harmon


Teen Dream Center

CAP-Guy Adams


Grand Tully Hotel

Ketric Newell


David Bancroft

Amber Lehman

Remember God – Pod Guesting

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