That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 16: Harris III

Harris III on That Sounds Fun

About three years ago, I spoke at a teen conference in Gatlinburg, TN. I was excited about it because I absolutely love that part of the world- East Tennessee- and I love any chance I get to go over there to do ministry. My buddy Chris Wheeler was at the same event at at our first session, we met Harris III and his wife Kate. I pretty much immediately begged them to be my friends.

You know that thing where people are just a natural fit in your life? That was Kate and Harris for me.

I’ve loved seeing his career grow and shift and he’s just pretty much awesome at everything. I got to be on his podcast recently as well, so we’re just going all sorts of tradesies around here!

Hope you enjoy this conversation with Harris (AND KATE!) and be sure to check out Story Gatherings.

Here are the things we chatted about on the podcast:

– Harris III

– Kate Harris

Cafe Racer Motorcycle


Upward Basketball

C.S. Lewis

Story Conference

Ben Arment

Story Gatherings


Ed Nash

Dan Good

Nasa JPL


Ellie Holcomb

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