That Sounds Fun Episode 20: Mo Isom + Wreck My Life

Mo Isom is such a treasure. We grew up in the same town and some mutual friends connected us a few years ago. We sat over coffee for hours at our hometown coffee shop and talked and Talked and TALKED. It was one of those absolutely instant friendships. And I adore her still. Her book Wreck Your Life is one of my favorites of 2016. Her story is incredible and her voice is fun and this podcast is one of my faves.

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Here are the links we discussed in the podcast! 🙂

– Mo Isom

– Brad Lomenick

– New York Times

– Louisiana State University

– Wreck My Life

– Ellen

– Ellen with Mo

– University of North Carolina (UNC)

– University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

– Duke University

– Samford University

– University of Georgia

– Baton Rouge Flooding

– Cajun Navy

– Nashville Flood 2010

– Gas Shortage

– Oceans by Hillsong United

– Oceans Blog Post

– Water Balloon Filler

– Ellie Holcomb

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