That Sounds Fun Episode 29: Jennifer Dukes Lee + Craving Connection

Y’all. I have been DYING to get Jennifer Dukes Lee on the podcast! She is funny and kind and lovely and LOVES TO TALK ABOUT HAPPINESS…. which, as you know, is a favorite topic of mine as well. Jennifer and I both got to contribute to (in)courage’s new book Craving Connection, so you better believe we spent some good time talking about that too.

Hope you enjoy this episode- and make sure to check out Jennifer’s books as well! She’s just the best.

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Here are the links we discussed in the podcast! 🙂

– Jennifer Dukes Lee

Ellie Holcomb

Red Sea Road

Love Idol

The Happiness Dare

Craving Connection 


Jennie Allen

Happiness Dare Happiness Quiz

The Bible Project


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