That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 43: Kelleigh Bannen

Kelleigh Bannen is quickly becoming one of my favorite humans. It’s not just her incredible singing voice (that will legitimately blow your mind) or her humor (though it is there) or her songwriting skills (also there in droves). This girl’s heart and love for God are going to be what makes you want to be lifelong friends with her as well. Her latest single is called Church Clothes and it will moooooove you. Wow it’s a powerful song.

Also, Kelleigh will be at our That Sounds Fun Weekend! So come join us!

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Here are links to everything Kelleigh and I talked about!
Ellie Holcomb

Red Sea Road

Chris McClarney

Sadie Robertson

– Kelleigh Bannen

This Nashville Life

CMA Fest

Nashville Predators

The Brothers Osborne

Billy Graham

New York Times

– Microcosm of the Now and the Not Yet

David Platt

Greg Thompson


That Sounds Fun Weekend

Bread and Wine

Podcast page!

Reba McEntire

Dolly Parton

Burger Up

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