That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 56: Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke

You guys. The Bethkes. THEY ARE JUST THE BEST. So funny and sweet and kind and awesome to hang with. You are so going to love this conversation between the three of us. We sing the praises of our favorite podcasts and pastors, we talk about Maui and Nashville and travel, and we deep dive into dating and relationships. Be sure to grab their new book Love That Lasts. It’s good good good.

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Here are links to some of the things we talked about on the podcast!

Jefferson Bethke

Alyssa Bethke

Maui, Hawaii


Mike Foster

Love That Lasts

Spoken For

Robin Jones Gunn

Tindell Baldwin

It’s Not What You Think (Jefferson’s favorite!!)

Jesus > Religion


John Mark Comer

Bridgetown Audio Podcast

Phil Wickham\downs

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The Road Back to You

Garden City

The Way

Western Seminary

Alyssa’s favorite podcast:

Jeff’s favorite podcast:

One of my favorite podcasts:

30 Rock

Alex Trebek

Love That Lasts (Podcast)

– the Bethke’s on Youtube

Jillian Harris

Fab Fit Fun Box



Amazon Prime

Dad bod

Carly Jean’s Instagram

Electric Bikes

Spooky Pookie

He Will – Ellie Holcomb (Official Music Video)

Red Sea Road

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