That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 58: Jess Connolly + 100 Days to Brave

Jess Connolly and I have been friends for years. Like, heart friends. Like, see each other barely but dive RIGHT IN THE DEEP when we do. And you cannot imagine how excited we were to learn that our new books released out into the world on the same day.

So to celebrate Dance Stand Run and 100 Days To Brave, we decided we needed to laugh and cry and talk about everything and then record it. 🙂

Make sure you pick of Jess’s book- it is a real gift to any woman in your life.

Here are links to some of the things we talked about on the podcast!

Jess Connolly

Influence Conference

Wild and Free

the Enneagram

That Sounds Fun Podcast with Carlos Whitaker 

Downtown Charleston

New Frontiers

Kings Church in Edinburgh 


Looking for Lovely\downs for $30 off your first month!

All Good Things Collective <– Jess’ artwork 🙂


Jen Hatmaker

Gilmore Girls



Sudio Sweeden Headphones “The Tre” 

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The Pink Ribbon Foundation

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