That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 77: Passion Music

My gracious I love these people. If you are a church person, you probably have been singing Passion Music songs for years. And I bet you already know Kristian Stanfill, Melodie Malone, and Brett Younker. But today we sit down and have one of my favorite conversations with all three of them. (And we call on the power of Shelley Giglio a few times too… mainly to get us La Croix endorsements.) Passion Music just released a new album, Whole Heart, that you are going to totally love.

Passion Music

Kirstian Stanfill

Melodie Malone

Brett Younker

Listen to their new album, Whole Hearthere!

La Croix

Cameron Strang

How to Pronounce Apricot

“If you have to ask the question, am I bougie – you are probably not bougie.”


Louie and Shelley Giglio

Meredith Andrews

Renovation Church

Lake Burton


Tindell Baldwin’s book, Popular

Winshape Camps

Ellie Holcomb

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Brooke Fraser

Passion Conference

Passion Music

Passion City Church

Passion City Church | Washington, DC

Ben and Donna Stuart

East Pole Coffee Co.

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