That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 9: Emily P. Freeman

That Sounds Fun Podcast with Emily P. Freeman

You guys. It is time.


(Ummm… if you missed the first season of the podcast, you can always go back and listen to any of those!)

I’m thrilled. You can only imagine how happy I am because this podcast truly has become one of my favorite things in the world. And it’s extra awesome because it kicks off with my dear friend Emily P. Freeman. If you know her, you love her. If you don’t know her yet, you will still love her.

And today, it’s 55 minutes of Emily and I talking about life, writing, and float night at the pool… a phenomenon I knew nothing about before this conversation. 🙂

(You can download the episode here, or if you subscribe to the That Sounds Fun podcast, every new episode will drop into your podcast app. Or you can listen below!)

. . . . .

Here are the links to things we discuss on the podcast:

— Emily’s new book Simply Tuesday

— how to find Emily:



— Emily’s sister, Nester

— Emily’s books:

Sarah Masen

Luke 7:18-23 (John asking about Jesus)


— Taylor Swift’s swan float

— Emily’s free videos about Simply Tuesday

Happy (Simply) Tuesday! I’m so so happy to be back on the podcast with y’all. We’ve got a fun fall ahead, but do not hesitate to shoot me your ideas and thoughts and seriously, listen all the way to the end because I NEED YOUR HELP.

Help me. Please and thank you.

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