TSF Couples 2019: Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke

TSF Couples Month continues with Jeff and Alyssa Bethke. These are two of my favorite friends to follow on socials and keep up with as their marriage and family grows and changes and strengthens. And they live in Maui so who wouldn’t want to see that life on the regular? 🙂 This episode brings up some important practices and disciplines to survive those young toddler years (three under five? THESE PEOPLE ARE BRAVE!) and these two are so honest about their joys and struggles. For many of you right in the middle of that place, these are your people. (For the rest of us- good news! Jeff and Alyssa are our people too.) 🙂


Thanks to our friends at Westrock Coffee and Run the Race movie for sponsoring today’s episode.

Jeff and Alyssa Bethke



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