31 Books: Abide In Christ (Book #31)


abideinchristAbide in Christ

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Andrew Murray

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What the book is about:

Taking its title from the Book of John, Abide in Christ works to encourage readers to step past the doorway and into God’s throne room. Pastor Andrew Murray simplifies the teachings of Jesus Christ, using 31 daily readings taken from books within both the Old and New Testaments to help Christians, and even those who are curious, accept the invitation and move closer to the fellowship of God and Jesus Christ. Abide in Christ presents an intense, enthusiastic message with the kind of depth and simplicity all readers can appreciate.

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Why I like it:

This is the 31st book on purpose. If you only purchase one of the young woman in your life, make it this book. It is deep, like oceanic deep. And if she is anything like me, she will read the book over and over again and never tire of the wisdom and growth that comes from it. To abide in Christ is one of the most challenging and most rewarding goals within the Christian faith and something we can continue to grow in, no matter our age. This is possibly the most impactful book (besides the Bible) that I have experienced personally.

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