Favorite book.

My grandmother would consider this her favorite blog post ever. Can people in heaven read blogs?

My favorite book of all time is Christy by Catherine Marshall.

It is the true story of a young woman (Catherine Marshall’s mother!) in 1912 who hears that there is a need in the Appalachian Mountains- the children need a teacher. And she can’t resist God calling her to go there. She packs up her safe life and moves, alone, to Tennessee. [Hmmm….]

I don’t remember the first time I read the book. The truer statement is I don’t recall a time when I didn’t have the book by my bed. I mean, I wasn’t three, but I have loved it for years. In total, I’ve read it close to 50 times. Start to finish. [I know that’s bizarro. I never claimed to be anything else.]

I’ve been sitting at this point in the post for about 10 minutes. And I can not figure out what else to say. I feel like I need to say, “This is my favorite book because…..” and then discuss the characters and the setting and the plot. But I can’t come up with an answer that I think will satisfy. Instead, I will just say what is true.

Because this novel moves me.

That doesn’t make you want to read it, I know. Nor does it make Christy stand out from any other book you’ve read before.

But it is different. I love it. It speaks to my soul. It changed me. It changes me.

I am a better person, a better teacher, a better Christian, a better woman, because of this novel and the real life example set by this woman.

I met Catherine Marshall’s grandson one time. He was dating a friend of mine. As we were introduced, my eyes filled with tears…. while we were shaking hands. I proceeded to talk too much about how wonderful his family members were. Awkward, to be certain.

But that is the power of a beautiful written word. And a beautifully lived life.

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