Thank you, friends, for all your excitement yesterday. Trust me, I am sooo grateful to you the reader and Zondervan for making it possible for me to get to do this again.

So there isn’t too much I can tell you yet about the next book, but I’ll tell you everything I can.

What’s the book?

The book is called Speak Love. I whole-heartedly believe that if we can teach teen girls how to use their words to speak life, we can make a lasting impact on the world. So I wrote a book to prove it. This text will tackle how we use our words towards God, how we use our words towards each other, and how we use our words towards ourselves.

. . . . .

Who is the audience?

This is a book for teen/young 20s girls, much like Perfectly Unique. But I hope lots of women will pick it up – to help heal their own hearts of the words spoken against them, but also to help lead and equip the younger women in their lives.

. . . . .

Can we see the cover?

Sad news: The cover is not finished, so I can’t show you yet. But you are going to LUH-HUV it.

. . . . .

When will you write it?

Well, I actually finished writing the book last week and turned it in to my editor on Monday. [Hence the silence… I was busting my tail to hit my deadline!] I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you in the process. It was fast turn around and there are rules and you know I’m a firstborn and a rule follower. But I sent emails saying, “please, let me tell my bloggites. They will want to know. They pray when I write!”

Remember when you prayed for me over four years ago? Wow. God has done some mighty things since then, hasn’t He?

. . . . .

Is Speak Love a brand new book?

YES YES YES. So, as many of you know, Perfectly Unique was an updated and improved version of my first self-published book From Head To Foot. But excitedly, Speak Love is all brand new- brand new stories, brand new writing, brand new teaching, brand new tears every day that I wrote. [Trust me, ask my intern. I have been an EMOTIONAL MESS while writing this one.]

. . . . .

When will the book be available?

Speak Love will come out in September 2013 [only SIX months!]!! But we have some super rad presale plans for you guys who are actually my friends starting early summer. I am so excited to offer another resource to small group leaders and youth groups for another school year.

Extra news: Not only is it a normal book, like Perfectly Unique, there will also be a Speak Love journal/devotional that will be available as well. The cover of that? Also gorgeous. But not quite ready for a blog debut.

. . . . .

Are you excited about this book?

I am every emotion about this book. Excited? Yes. Times a million. I also feel humbled and honored to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of teen girls. To be honest, I also feel scared to try to follow up Perfectly Unique. After months of intense writing, I also feel pleased with the work I turned in, but SO glad that my editor is making it way better.

Mostly? I feel convinced, as convinced as I’ve ever been about anything, that God is doing something here. I’ll tell you the whole story soon, but this book has totally come about in such a way that makes you sit back and say, “Wow. Only God.”

. . . . .

So that’s about all I can think of. I hate I can’t show you the cover yet, but soon and very soon. And trust me, you’ll see way more of it than you ever wanted to before this is all said and done.

What else do you want to know? 

[PS- this is WAY more fun having you along for the ride with me. Just so you know. I’m so glad you’re here.]

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