Le Whirlwind.

That’s what I’ve been living.

Also, “le whirlwind” is French for “crazy travels.” I think.

Let me tell you about the last ten days or so…..

Thursday 9/30 :: Drive to Atlanta. Attend a baby shower in Woodstock, where I used to teach school.

Friday 10/1 :: Drive to Jackson County, GA, home of my first teaching gig, where the 5th graders that used to hug me every day are now seniors. SENIORS.

Proof? Here ya go.

It was one of the sweetest nights. I’ll blog more about it soon. I love these kids so much it still makes me cry and I don’t want to cry right now. So now we’ll move on….

Saturday 10/2 – Sunday 10/3 :: Hung out in Athens, GA, where I attended to University of Georgia. I played with some of my buddies, ate delicious memory-filled food, and rested a bit.

[Some would label this weekend “Annie’s Life : 1998-2005”- UGA, Jackson Co, Woodstock. It was kinda weird to see those years summed up in a four day road trip, but it happened. And I absolutely loved it.]

Monday 10/4 – Tuesday 10/5 :: Finished editing my book [squeeal!] and work from home at my parents’ house in Marietta.

Wednesday 10/6 :: Catalyst Lab day

Thursday 10/7 :: Catalyst

Friday 10/8 :: Seth Godin’s conference in Atlanta. So so fun. Loved getting amped up again, feeling connected to the part of my brain that thrives on good quality marketing, and spending time with some great folks.

Friday night :: drive back to Nashville

Saturday 10/9 :: Fly to Kansas City for a Nashville wedding.

Saturday night :: wedding. dancing. dancing. then dancing.

Sunday 10/10 :: Go to church in Kansas City with my friends Jules + Bethany, then sit on their couch and watch the Braves.

Monday 10/11 :: Fly back to Nashville at 6am.


It has been a really really crazy month so far. Of the eleven nights, I’ve slept in my bed once and shared a bed seven of the nights. I’ve done 2 loads of laundry and traveled approximately 1,822 miles.

And at the ripe old age of 30, I’m feeling that 1,822 miles in my bones. For sure. [Mainly in my left shoulder, giving me intense shooting pains that take my breath away. In the not-awesome way.]

I’m also feeling those miles in my heart. It’s been awesome. Sweet. Full of laughs and friends I adore. I don’t regret it one bit.

I’m back in Nashville and looking forward to an insanely intense week. Big BIG week at Mocha Club as well as turning in the book on Friday.

But dear bloggite, I will not forget you. In fact, it shall be a fun week at AnnieBlogs. Including, on Friday, because I love you and want you to be the FIRST to know things, a sneak peek at the cover art for my book! [hint: it is totes gorgie-poo.]

Phew. That’s all I have to say about that.

Now. To the important stuff. How was YOUR weekend?

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