The sounds of that time.

I woke up this morning and as the rain beat my window and my iCal was clear, I decided to play the “I love being single and not having anyone need me right now so I am going to stay in my bed” card.

And I played it well, my friends.

I love music, but I wanted to read my Bible [remember I’m reading the whole thing this year using THIS PLAN] and sometimes I need music without words to be able to really digest passages like 1 Chronicles 6. [Yes, I’m a little behind.]

So I chose an album called Soaking In His Presence that my sweet friend Jessica gave me in 2002. I love these instrumental songs. In fact, when I used to teach school, this was the CD I would play while my kids were working quietly.

And this morning, as the music played, my mind was rushed back to that place. I could almost feel the cold hard tiles under my feet. I could see the kids, hunkered down over some test or important assignment, and I could feel that thing in my heart that I feel for the kids I teach.

I think it’s called love.

It felt like I was there again- like I had papers to grade, emails to respond to, and a schedule to keep to make sure my little people didn’t miss their lunch.

Isn’t is amazing how music can do that? Can take you from a rainy morning in Edinburgh to a sunny winter day in Woodstock, Georgia? I think it is fascinating.

A similar thing happened Sunday morning, as we sang “You’re Beautiful” by Phil Wickham at church. I was reminded of how I used to blast that CD throughout my house in Kennesaw, Georgia, before Nashville was even a thought in my mind and certainly before Edinburgh was a reality.

The song is like a thread that is woven through so many different seasons of my life. The Annie that played that record in 2007 never would have known to picture the day in 2011 when I would stand in a Scottish sanctuary with my hands raised and sing, “I see Your face, You’re beautiful, You’re beautiful, You’re beautiful….”

Music has that power. The power to remind, to recall, to take us back. And in these cases, music has brought back to my mind the faithfulness of God.

And I’m grateful.

. . . . .

Have you experienced this before? Do you have any songs that take your mind back to a different time? 

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