When polite people do impolite things.

My dear friend at school asked me to blog about this. For her sake, I’ll give her a fake name- Jenn.

Jenn and I are eating lunch. Let me preface by saying that I am, in general, a polite person. I ate my grilled cheese that came in a plastic sealed bag, like the kind around zebra cakes. Don’t ask me how they grill them in those things. And don’t ask me why I couldn’t think of a better comparison than zebra cake wrappers. I also had some veggie soup/chili. Not sure which is was supposed to be. I ask Jenn a question (“Why doesn’t the blue group have homework?”), and as I’m listening to her, all the sudden she stops and stares at me. That’s the moment that I realize that I have just burped on accident. And one of those short, low, kinda sick-sounding burps.

I HATE burping. I think it ranks as one of the top rudest things a person can do, in public or in private. I don’t like it. Those people who can burp the alphabet are not talented- they are sick individuals. There is no pride in that. To call it a skill is giving it too much credit. It’s gross.

Let the one who has not burped cast the first stone. Alas, for all my judging and inner-ridiculization (is that a word?) of burpers, I now have become one.

I’m ashamed of myself.

On another note, I got a new student today (remember I teach 4th grade) who is at least 2 inches taller than me, has a full blown mustache, and has a deep man voice. To say I was shocked when he walked in is an understatement- more like terrified. I think he has his own parking space, I’m not sure. But he looks old. We may have been in preschool together, who knows.

And I got real excited today when I thought the blocker on the school internet had been taken off my computer. But unfortunately not. Probably better- can you imagine what life would be like if I had access to this blog all day? Not good, my friends, not good.

So those are the highlights of a day in my teaching life. Probably a bit disappointing. I’m sorry.

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