365 Days Ago.

365 days ago, Georgia beat Georgia Tech and I watched from a hotel room overlooking the stadium in downtown Atlanta. I remember wishing I talk to my best friend in Scotland, Esther.

366 days ago, it was the Friday after Thanksgiving and my internal clock was still completely whackadoodle, from living six hours ahead for the previous six months.

368 days ago, I landed in Atlanta and my first stop was the Waffle House.

370 days ago, I left my home in Edinburgh, Scotland. It will always remain one of the saddest days of my life.

371 days ago, I wept saying goodbye to a houseful of my friends [that feel like family] in North Berwick, a beautiful Scottish beach town, where we had all gathered to celebrate a birthday. It was good for me, to have something else to celebrate, as I was leaving. Goodbye parties give me the heebie-jeebies [when they are for me].

. . . . .

I can’t believe it has been a year. It feel like I lived there last week and it feels like it never happened. Do you know what I mean? I just scrolled through some of my posts from last year and it just catches deep in me and brings tears to the surface again and again.

[PS- Do you remember that I got to see ADELE in Edinburgh?!? Or that I got electrocuted? Two of my favorite Scotland stories.]

You know what? I miss it a little every day. At some point of every single day, I think of a friend or a place or a memory and some high pitch string gets plucked in my heart. It will always be my other home.

I absolutely loved my life there. I love my friends- don’t even get me started fine I’ll show you a picture.

I just miss them to bits. And I have for the last 368 days… minus those few in July when I was back visiting. I didn’t miss them then. So… 359 days? 🙂

My life since getting home to Nashville has been insane- a book deal with Zondervan, dating stories that will make you scream with laugher, speaking with Girls of Grace, heartbreaking moments, volunteering with the Cross Point college ministry – some high highs and some low lows. I’m sure you can relate.

I left Edinburgh unsure of my next step professionally, I had no home to live in, and I didn’t know where to plug in ministry wise. God was smiling through all those tearful questioning prayers, I am sure, as He provided in amazing ways that only a living God could do.

And I am having a great time.


I miss Edinburgh.

Nothing is free, is it? Nothing that matters comes without some cost attached, and I think that is good. To live in Edinburgh, it cost me time with people in Nashville. To live in Nashville costs me my life in Edinburgh. Things that cost us must be things that have worth to us- things that matter.

Nashville matters to me. Edinburgh matters to me. My hometown matters to me.

And someday, time and distance won’t keep friends apart.

Until then, the days will pass and I’ll search for cheap-ish flights overseas and skype calls will be challenging to schedule. I’ll embrace what God has set before me- all the pieces that He is weaving together- and I’ll be content, knowing that He knows me and is for me and His plans are greater than mine could ever be.

And that is true every day.

. . . . .

What were you doing 365 days ago?

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