A crazy week.

I’m like the Girl Formerly Known As AnnieBlogs.

It’s been nutz around here.  Forgive my tardy-bloggy.

I had to pick a flat in Scotland to live in and to be honest, it was a tough tough decision. So that has taken up tons of my brain space. But I found one and, to ease your worries- I can walk to the church, a bank, a grocery, and a Starbucks.

[The Lord provides. Can I get an amen?]

I’m also having a yard sale tomorrow and I’ve spent this week driving around from friend’s house to friend’s house collecting their goods.

And we have got some crazy-good stuff.

I sure hope people show up to this thang. Because good gracious what am I going to do with all these awesome items if 2pm on Saturday arrives and there is still a yard full of sale things?


Also, I’m speaking for a large group of girls on Sunday night, so when I’m not sorting candle holders and t-shirts from the 90s, I’m writing about identity and making a powerpoint including pictures of me from elementary school. Including but not limited to this Easter beauty.

You earned it. I haven’t blogged all week. The least I can do is give you a picture of myself in white socks and black shoes with my hand on my knee.

Because I was the bees knees in 1987. He is risen and we celebrate with 80s dresses and bunnies with bendable ears.


Please pray for the yard sale- pray that people come, pray that I am able to raise a good amount of money for Scotland, pray that all this jazz gets a new loving home.

**UPDATE: We made $40 more than the goal!! The Lord is so faithful! Booyah.**

Please pray for my speaking gig on Sunday- pray that the exact right words will come out of my mouth, pray that the girls hear God’s heart for them, and pray that I’ll be funny :).

Y’all have a great weekend.

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Let's be friends!

Stay up to date with our weekly newsletter. It’s all things fun with Annie.