Cook-off was AWESOME.

Thanks for your prayers!

I have a tiny window of time to pop in and say HI and THANKS and I’M POOPED and I’M SO PUMPED, so….

Hi. Thanks. I’m pooped. I’m so pumped- the team was great fun, our students loved it, and the chili was delicious.

Here are all the pictures from last night– peruse and enjoy. [There are multiple views of me being bossy. No one is shocked.]

My favorite picture? Well, I like this one because everyone is so happy and mingle-ish.

But I also love this one because gracious, we have got some good people in our church. And I’d rather not discuss the fact that I’m leaving in approximately ten days and this will not be my life anymore and it feels weirder than I ever imagined.

There are about 25 others that are my favorite moments from last night. So, just check out the album.

Thanks again for your prayers. We had a ball… or we had a bowl?

You’re welcome.

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