You know, when do you do a full month of blogging about courage, you miss sharing some important events.

Like when I got electrocuted.


Here’s that story.

[You’re welcome in advance.]

Let me first start by explaining this – in the USA, we use 120 volts. In Scotland, they use 230 volts. I have absolutely no idea what that means, but you can see the increase… which is necessary to add drama to the story, ya see. [Reasons I don’t write fiction: I tend to “build the story” by overexplaining, even when I don’t really know how to explain.]

So a few weeks ago, me and three Crossroads Edinburgh folks were hanging out in the church office. It was time for me head to my next destination [Starbucks, to be exact, to meet with a student who said, “I want you to meet my boyfriend because you are like extended family.” and I wanted to pass out and cry with joy at the same time because that is SO.SWEET].

As displayed in the diagram below, I innocently reached to unplug my computer.

Three things:

1. You can probably tell I’m the only one in the office today by the fact that I am able to reenact aforementioned electrocution.

2. Sorry about the nails. I partly blame the 31 Days of Courage and I partly blame the writing that is keeping me up at night. It’s good though… so it’s worth it. 🙂

3. I know that I don’t need that many converters on my computer. Tom, the pastor at church, laughs at me about it all the time. But it’s a comfort thing. Long story. Just know that I know.

Back to the picture.

Can you see those tiny metal prongs? Right. So, I go to unplug my computer on that fateful day in October and I didn’t notice that the metal plugs were exposed.

I grabbed and pulled. But as I grabbed the black plastic part, it stayed in the wall and my fingers slid onto the metal prongs. This is displayed in the photo below, though I’ll be honest and say that it made me nervous even to pretend.

My fingers made contact with the metal prongs still attached to the black plastic piece which was still attached to the wall which was pumping out 230 volts of electricity.

Which led to this happening.

Well, not really. But that would have been HILARIOUS.

What really happened it is just sorta zapped me and everyone in the room stopped and looked and were like, “whooooaaa… duuuuuude.” And I was like, “yeah, that just happened.”

Then my fingers tingled for approximately 48 hours.

So what I’m saying is I survived that experience but now I wince every time I go to unplug my computer.

The end.

Happy Wednesday.

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