My eyes are open.

But they are burning.

It’s midnight in Scotland. I’m pretty good about tricking you guys into thinking I post every day (ish?) at 5am when really, as you sleuths out there know, I usually actually write it the night before and autopost it. But how shall I do that when I am 6 (ish?) hours ahead of you?

These are things I do not know.

So today, I will write and I will press publish. And you will read a new blog post after dinner instead of with your morning soy chai latte.

Hello. Good evening, America. I live in Scotland.

I have been awake for approximately 35 hours and I keep shutting one eye and then the other one as I type. Which, actually, is going to make this post a) more hilarious because I’m delirious and b) take a million years to finish.

Jet lag has me by the nostrils and is swinging me around like a rag doll.

Now that I have actually arrived, the goodbyes are finished and the packing is done, I keep getting this question: “How are you feeling?”

My answer? “Yes. I am feeling. Everything. I am feeling every emotion possible.”

Because I might be.

I’ve cried my eyes out the last week and then I sat at dinner tonight with three of my Edinburgh friends and laughed hysterically. I check my email constantly to see if I’ve heard from anyone at home and yet I teared up with joy when the plane landed.

I love Edinburgh.

I love Nashville.

I love Marietta.

And I wish I could pick at least one of those cities to hate with a mighty passion.

But for now, I will just have a divided heart that is always 100% happy to be right where I am and 78% brokenhearted to be missing time with my friends/family in other cities.

To keep today’s jet-lag sleepy time for Annie rambling at a good pace, here are the things I did today:

  • I got picked up from the airport
  • my friends dropped off at my new apartment
  • I unpacked all THREE suitcases and my carry-on [I know. You’re impressed.]
  • had a “cuppa” [a cup of tea] with one of my roommates
  • took a shower after the roommates left, only to realize that I do not exactly know how to make the water hot. So that was neat.
  • snoozled for like 24 minutes… just a wee while [Scottish talk. It begins early.]
  • went to Ikea with my other roommate and bought sheets and a duvet cover.

Which, I need to interject here. My friends in Scotland don’t use top sheets. Just fitted sheet and duvet. I do not love this fact. It means a lot o’ duvet cover washes- which in a house of NO DRYER means quite a process.

I am American and I believe in the freedom to have a top sheet if you want one.

I want one.

Back to my day.

  • I met up with Esther, Harry, and Luke for a four hour dinner that could not have been better
  • I get home about 20 minutes ago and thought, “Oh sheesh! My blog friends! I forgot to tell them I am here!”

So there you have it.

I am here. My eyes are burning and I am about to pass out from exhaustion.

But I am here.

Hello, Edinburgh. Good to see you again.

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Let's be friends!

Stay up to date with our weekly newsletter. It’s all things fun with Annie.