Rangers Game.

I am going to try to remain seated as I type this post but I will be honest and say that this experience may have been the highlight of my trip to Scotland.

[Somewhere across the ocean, my Scottish friends are shaking their fist at their computer screens and saying, “SHE SAID SHE LIKED US THE MOST!” And I do, friends. I do.]

Outside of the wonderful friendships, this may have been the highlight of my trip to Scotland.


[Or as they would probably say in the UK, A PROPER FOOTBALL MATCH!!!]

Here is my friend Harry and I outside of Ibrox Stadium, home of the Rangers, the much superior of the two Glasgow soccer teams. [I don’t know if that is true- I’m just telling you the propaganda I was fed.]

I don’t have the energy to fully tell you about Harry and his wife Anne. My emotional state is nothing to be tampered with, I can assure you of that. So to get all sappy would ensure that I lay in my bed for the whole of Monday looking through my trip pictures and drifting between weeping and napping.

In conclusion, I love them.

Right. So. Back to the soccer game. [Prepare yourself for many pictures.]

Outside the stadium. I have on a lot of layers- hoodie, scarf, jacket tied around my waist. It’s cold over there, okay? Give a sister a break.

Those are some great seats.

This is Maurice Edu. He is an American soccer player who plays for the Rangers. I yelled ridiculously loud when he was put on the pitch and I’m sure all the Scots around me quickly figured out my American-ness [if the country accent and constant questioning to Harry didn’t already reveal that].

Run-on sentences are the best, aren’t they?

That overly excited smile right there? It lasted approximately the entire game and for a bit before and for a while after.

Because I love soccer. And I love Scotland. And I love going to a soccer game in Scotland.

There are around eighteen more pictures and about five minutes of video footage that I am going to spare you simply because you have done nothing wrong to deserve that type of torture [if you aren’t a soccer fan, that is]. But trust me when I say that I FULLY documented the experience.

Fine. Only because you asked nicely, here’s one last shot. The scoreboard.

SIX to ZERO, Rangers?

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