That kind of week.

It’s been that kind of week, in the best way.

I don’t know how much I’ve told you about my role at Crossroads Edinburgh, but it kinda looks like this: take one part secretary and one part organizer, throw it in a blender with an events coordinator, a personal assistant, cruise director, and an interior decorator. Add a gallon of orange juice and that’s me.

[I drink a lot of orange juice.]

So this week has been crazy fun, emphasis on the crazy.

It started on Saturday when our friends Ian and Maxine at Napier University invited us to have a booth during their fresher’s festival. Which, as you can imagine, was AMAZINGLY AWESOME AND UNBELIEVABLY COOL. I mean, in a matter of six hours, we met over 600 students.


Here’s our little display. Cute, huh? We handed out pens [welcome to uni, kiddos, you’re gonna be writing a lot] and postcards with our church details. It was really really fun.

Here are the girls- Melissa, Esther, and me! It was such a fun day, and you know me well enough to know that the day I get to talk to 600 people is more or less my heaven.

[I wish I was kidding.]

Then Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, we all buzzed around town collecting things for our Wednesday night dinner. See, every Wednesday this month, we are hosting free dinners for students. Some of the team is in charge of the food and some are in charge of the decor and some are ridiculously bossy and find it natural to order people around all the live long evening.

[I mean me. I’m the bossy one. But it’s for a good cause.]

Here’s the thing. All these students have left home and moved to Edinburgh. Whether they are from Stirling, 30 minutes away, or from China, they no longer live at home.

So it is our goal on Wednesday nights to create a place and a meal and friendships and conversations that feel like home.

We don’t have a megachurch budget. Nor do we have a Wal-Mart. So. As you can imagine, I’ve been Fairy-Godmothering all over this place. [You know, pumpkins to carriages. That kind of thing.]

It’s a modest home, to be sure.

And then while my pals were cooking and serving ….

The room went from this…

to this! Our team and about ten new friends sat and ate and talked until we finally had to say, “People. We were supposed to be out of there 30 minutes ago. You have to go home.” Best. Problem. Ever.

Right? Are you freaking out at how COOL that is?

I know. I was too. And the students who came along last night were so fun and really great to get to know.

Then just today we headed back to Napier for the second fresher’s fair and I decided I needed to beef up my display table by going totes crafty and making bunting.

Are you proud? I won’t tell you how long it took me to make those triangles. It’s a shame. And a sham. A pillow sham.

So it’s been crazy and fun and exciting and busy and we have two more weeks of this.


And don’t even get me started on the weather this week. It has been 44 shades of perfection – no rain, cool breezes, windy like nobody’s biz-nass. And my hair? Good gracious. It’s been like taming a beast… who is highly effected by wind.

But it’s been fun. 🙂

Oh oh oh. Also. If you want to see more pictures [and a quick little video!] check out our Crossroads Church facebook page.

. . . . .

Help me help them! What did people do for you when you moved off to college (or moved to a new city) to make you feel at home? 

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