Today, we pray for Scotland.

I know. It’s been a heavy week over here. (You guys, that’s why I told you about the ice cream on Monday. 🙂 I knew we’d all need it.)

Today matters the most to me.

Today, we pray for Scotland.

scotland flag

If you don’t know what is going on, simply put- Scotland is voting today about whether they want to remain a part of the United Kingdom or if they want to become an independent nation.

I can’t explain it better than that, but some other people have. Here are two of the articles I find easiest to understand:

Scotland’s Independence: What You Need to Know

Your Guide To The Scottish Independence Debate

Of course, you can google and find all that you could ever want to read. And by the time you are seeing this in the USA, probably sometime Thursday morning, our friends in Scotland will already be up, with the television turned on, and votes being cast.

What do I think they should do? Doesn’t matter.

Which way do I think is the vote going to go? Doesn’t matter.

What matters is what happens now- for the people and the country.

Will you join me in praying for Scotland today?

Here is what I’m praying:

–> For revival in Scotland (here’s a great article about that)

–> For the future of that nation politically.

–> For the rescue and salvation of relationships between Scots on the “yes” and “no” side, no matter the result. I have watched dear friends on both sides of the issue argue on Facebook, and everyone is seriously passionate, and I’m praying that God would give them the ability to reunite despite the harsh words and deep opposing feelings. Praying peace for all the hearts.

–> For God to do what only He can do- use this to draw the Scottish people to Himself.

I sit here, Wednesday night, just typing and crying. I cannot adequately express what that country means to me, what those people mean to me. It’s my home, plain and simple. And to know that Thursday is a massive day in the history of this country, it weighs heavy on all of us who have Scotland in our blood.

When I lived there in 2011, I made a few (low quality) youtube videos for this ol’ blog. You can see the whole list of them here. But I’m going to embed below my favorite- the Fringe Festival of 2011. If you’ve read Let’s All Be Brave, make sure to watch the whole video – as low quality as it is – and remember that I made this before that book was even in my head. Crazy to think about.

In many ways, that’s where my heart still is. In Edinburgh, on that Royal Mile, believing God to move in that land.

Thanks for your prayers today for the people of Scotland.

Today is a landmark day for that country. It’s our honor to stand by the people and lift them up.

. . . . .

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