Seven Questions with Sarah Davidson


I’m excited on a lot of levels today.

A. I’m starting a new series called Seven Questions. Pretty much, I’m just going to ask my friends seven questions and show you the answers.

B. Tonight is another installment of Private Lives of Nashville Wives on TNT. To be fair, I haven’t seen every episode, but I have heard and I am catching up and my sweet friend Sarah is one of the main wives. So…

C. I get to introduce you to Sarah- her beautiful heart and her beautiful music.

I told Sarah I wanted to introduce y’all to her and ask her a few questions about life on a reality show and about the challenges. (As you will see below, Sarah has some significant life experiences that happened to occur at the time of filming.)

So without wasting any more time… meet Sarah!

. . . . .

1. But seriously. Sarah. What is it like to be on a reality show?

It was nerve racking at first to be completely honest but as time went on I got more comfortable in front of the cameras. Once they started filming me with my band on the road playing shows I began to open up because that is my comfort zone.

. . . . .

2. Why did you say yes to this opportunity?

I originally was not into this. I’m not a typical “Housewives” kinda gal because I’m not into drama, but after talking to the production I really felt that they wanted to tell an authentic story of me being an independent artist that is writing and out on the road trying to make it happen. I’ve been in Nashville over 9 years working towards my dreams and I wanted to put it out there that big dreams DON’T come easy contrary to our instant gratification ideals of today. I also wanted people to understand me a little more so that they can understand the music that I am writing and the place that I am coming from.

. . . . .

3. What are the most bizarre parts of being on a reality show? I mean, there’s got to be some weird parts to this that we don’t see.

Getting a mic put on everyday and then carrying on about your business is incredibly odd…kinda feels like “Big Brother” is always watching!

Sharing personal challenges in front of camera men and women that were originally strangers (that eventually became family)

. . . . .

4. What’s the hardest part of this season?

The hardest part for me this season was the ending of my marriage. It was an incredibly painful and challenging time but I made a conscious choice to move forward with grace and forgiveness because I saw this as an opportunity to maybe help someone else who is going thru the same thing. I did a lot of soul searching during time off camera and I walked away with a quote “Your own personal healing is the greatest message of HOPE for others” so I decided to open up about my situation and be as vulnerable as possible with my life moving forward while staying respectful to myself and to Dallas

. . . . .

5. How close is the editing to what actually happened? Like, are you surprised when you watch the episodes?

I personally am not surprised by any of the editing. Of course there are a couple things that they skip over and conversations that are missed but for the most part, my story is right on thus far!

. . . . .

6. Talk about writing the theme song for the show.

Evolution (the production company) and TNT were listening to songs in Nashville and looking for someone to sing the song but they hadn’t landed anything yet. They approached me about giving it a shot and I was ALL IN! Such a huge honor, right? So I sat down by myself one afternoon and just pictured what the story would be about if it were a bunch a ladies that are driven, know what they want, and out for a fun girls night. I finished the song, turned it in and everyone loved it! I was so nervous because I didn’t know if they would, but once they confirmed it would be the title track I honestly felt so excited and blessed. I’ve never had a song on TV before so this is huge for me.

. . . . .

7. How can your friends pray for you during this season?

They can pray that God continues to give me strength thru this difficult transition in my life and that even though I may plan a way in my heart that HE will determine my steps. That I would move forward with a grateful heart and that He would continue to be my source of hope and purpose in this life no matter the circumstances.

. . . . .

Right? She’s great. Would you join me in praying for Sarah and her experience on this show and in this season of her life?

And you’ve GOT to check out the show tonight and her self-titled album on iTunes, Sarah Davidson – EP.

Any questions for Sarah? I bet we can get her to hang out in the comments and answer for you!

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