Valentine’s Gifts.

It’s Valentine’s weekend. I don’t currently have a gentleman to celebrate the day with (I’ll let you know if that changes between today and tomorrow), but I am a little giddy about Saturday. I love seeing other people in love and I feel like it’ll be in my sights all day. And I also have a gift card to Nordstrom’s…. so…. clearly, I’ll have a great day.

For starters, I have a gift for you. Really. That’s how I feel. Especially if you are single, I think this message that God laid on my heart, that I lived first, can make a huge difference in your life if you will believe it. Please. PLEASE. Would you take 30 minutes and watch this today? And believe it? Believe that no matter what your circumstances, God has given you a good life.

(We can’t embed the video yet, so here is the link to go watch it on Buckhead Church’s website, or click the screen shot below.)



Also. My friend Laura, when she was single last year for Valentine’s Day, she bought herself a waffle maker. She said it helped her have a really fun day, and I’m all about that. So I thought of a couple of things you should buy yourself.


Hymns for Her by Dave Barnes

This sweet little EP is under $10 and such a great addition to your music collection. The songs are so so good and the album feels super mature, like you should be making homemade pasta.

I don’t know. I’m just telling you my feelings.

This is also a good gift to give a person you love. Just saying.





Clutch Beaded Bracelet

I love 107 Market Street and I could NOT resist this bracelet when my friend Amy showed it to me. I wore it when I spoke at Buckhead Church and I kind of can’t quit wearing it. And for only $12 (which is a STEAL I tell you), this would be a fun Valentine gift to yourself.




Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.21.15 PMPride & Prejudice

Please just do it. You know you want to. Watch it. Love it. Tear up a few times. Enjoy it to the very center of your heart.









 Happy Valentine’s Day, friends.

Love you so.



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