Dudes like pictures.

A few Fridays ago, after I had posted the Top 5 Dude Websites, I ran into my friends Bill* and Bob*. Bill* said, “Hey, saw your blog today- cool links.”

But as we discussed the nuances of having a blog that is mostly read by women but a few dudes sprinkled here and there, Bob* said, “you know, dudes like pictures.”

Lucky for me [and you dudes out there], I’ve got a little something called Smile, Wednesday that appears randomly around these parts.

And today is Wednesday!

Pictures it is!!

[Caveat: I asked my friend Dave to send me some pictures that guys would like. And these are some that he sent mixed with some others mixed with a good dose of I DO NOT UNDERSTAND BOYS BECAUSE THESE PICTURES ARE WEIRD.]


Nope. I don’t know either.
Nacho Libre is funny.
Well. That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.
Poor chimp.
Fascinatingly weird.

So there you have it.

Proof that while girls are super weird [and we are], boys have got their fair share of weird too.

Also. I must add, this video has me LOLing like crazy, with all due respect to the POTUS, of course. I don’t know if boys will laugh at this, but I bet they will.

Happy Wednesday!


*Bill and Bob are not their real names. I’m not outing these dude readers in hopes they will continue to read and give me feedback in public. But I’m grateful they are reading and sharing their thoughts! Thanks John and Jake!


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