Smile, Wednesday. #2

I think I may make this a tradition. This whole “Smile, Wednesday” bit. Especially after the novella I wrote yesterday. You bloggites. You are committed if you read all the way through that thing.

I don’t know if I’ve ever expressed this to you, but I need to. I can’t keep it in anymore, and reading a blog today, it became too much. I really hate Comic Sans font. I can’t stand it. I know, its against elementary teacher code to dislike anything in the “cutesy” department, but it’s true. I hate it. I’m sorry, don’t take it personal.

Here is my new gym. My Nash-gym, if you will. Which probably will be featured in my video return to RAGAMUFFINTOP CHALLENGE this weekend!

It’s in a big building. A big business important person building. As in everyone on the elevator is in suits but I am in a spandex suit with a belt and leg warmers.

Ok. Not really spandex. Icky. But workout clothes. And I have to park in a garage. It makes me feel so Big City Girl.

Tonight was also BOOK CLUB! I will tell you more tomorrow (about book club and the fact I got electrocuted today). But for now, here is the cutest dog I have ever known. And I don’t dig dogs. Griffin is his name. As soon as he leaned into my shins, I was undone. This DOES NOT happen to me. I don’t even know you, Nashville Dog-Liker Annie. Yes, that is my hand touching the dog. I know. I was shocked too.

And the delicious, but less furry, part of Book Club. Brie and grapes. Listen, I know this is far classier than I am. But let’s just keep that little fact to ourselves, okay? Actually, maybe the same Annie that likes dogs is extremely classy and trendy and cosmopolitan-esque?

I don’t know her all that well, so I really can’t say.

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