Smile, Wednesday #4

Have you ever seen a real building on fire?  I hadn’t, until yesterday.  Driving home from the sushi restaurant,  I saw the smoke and followed it.  There is something about seeing a building on fire- its devastating and frightening, even when you have no investment in it.  I was surprised when I realized what I was feeling was fear mixed with grief.  Not an experience I want to have again soon.

On a more positive note, I did get some delicious sushi for lunch. Let me tell you why this is the happiest sushi I have ever experienced.  Notice anything missing?  SEAWEED.  They use soy paper instead and it has revolutionized my sushi eating.  Oh just the sight of it makes my internal seaweed hater gloat a little bit.

On a less positive note, hey birds- what part of “Silver Toyota Camry Roof” makes you think TOILET?  Grrrrr.  And this photo doesn’t even take into account the four or five bird “moments” that are on my front passenger window.  I wish I knew the location of a car wash.Have I ever told you that this is one of my very favorite songs?  It is.  My all time #1 can not possibly be usurped [unless someone writes a song about being madly in love with me] is “I Just Called To Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder.  Just more info to add to your “Annie” file, things that really have no real life application or worth.

It has been a LONG TIME since a book did this to me.  Kept me up until 1:30am reading.  Made me want to read while drying my hair.  Made me find a way to read while eating lunch.  But John Green has done it with An Abundance of Katherines.  Obviously.

I feel a little nervousness writing about this book because it isn’t blatantly Christian (though there are religious themes) and it has some not church appropriate parts and language.  But, that being said, it is excellent writing.  I loved it, but you may not.  But I did.  He has another book coming out next month and I can’t wait.

I feel the need to also explain my lunch a bit.  Water to drink- I’ve given up all sodas since April 08 and its great.  Egg salad sandwich- nothing wrong with that.  Those flying pig good for you veggie chips- farmland cheddar is my flavor of choice, I believe.  And then piles of pizza dough squares- for a recipe I’m making tonight for small group.  I had to make pesto yesterday and realized that I had left my food processor in Atlanta.  DOH.  Luckily I have a friend a few blocks away and she let me borrow her’s.

Ok, off to write things that pay the bills.  Happy Wednesday.

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