Smile, Wednesday.

At this point, we aren’t going to discuss how I tend to start bloggy things [i.e- Smile Wednesday] and then never follow through with them because dear blog reader, I don’t need any lip today. I haven’t had ice cream in a MONTH.


And I don’t know if I’ve said, but I love ice cream. It’s just delicious and though I am really glad to be in the Get Fit Challenge it does not change the fact that ice cream is one of my favorite things and I think when we get to heaven it will be on every table and it will not melt and God loves me no matter what so He’s going to let me have as much ice cream as I want.


My apologies for that thing that just happened up there.


Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last few months.

I think Jeremy and Skip would be really proud of this. Because I took this photo through my sunglasses. Ooohhh….. very artsy.

Something about this moment captured me on the train ride to Midway Airport in Chicago. The sleeping homeless man. The couple in love- the man worked at the airport and it seemed his lady just rode the train with him to drop him off at work. This photograph says a lot.

A happy night of feet. Singing. Laughing. Making up new bands. One of my favorite Nashville nights.

Seriously. That’s gotta make you want to live in Nashville. Even if just a little bit.

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