Smile, Wednesday: Getting our skype on.

One of the joys of being overseas in 2011 is the ease in connecting with home. Were it 1911, I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to leave home and only get a letter once a month. I like that I can talk to friends and family every day.

For example, when I fell on Monday and caused a huge gash in my shin and it was bleeding and swollen and I was crying, boom. I just called Mom on skype. Then we called Shana, our favorite nurse friend, and she looked at said injury, cringed a bit, and said, “Put some ice on that puppy. Wowsers.”

[Or something like that.]

I’m going to spare you a skype shot of the injury. But it’s a beaut. I probably should have gotten stitches- I think I’m going to have a permanent scar in the shape of the grand canyon on my shin. But it was cheaper than a tattoo or another Edinburgh keepsake. [Cheaper monetarily, still rather expensive emotionally.]

So in a few of my recent skype convos, I’ve taken screenshots. Today I present them to you.


This first one is titled Magnified Betsy


I like to call this one Baby Is Cuter Than Daddy


This is Le CoWorkerz


I call this Sadness When New Book Arrive in Nashville

[by the way, if you dig Edwardian lit, you have GOT to get this book. Sandra Byrd has done it again. Amazing.]

You can barely see my sad face in this photo, but that is part of the nuance of the piece of art, ya see. The sadness is tiny in comparison to the good that is Sandra Byrd’s literature.

Finally, I present to you, with her full knowledge that this is happening, a trilogy.


This is aptly titled The Sister Series

Coffee ice cream has a strange effect on my younger sibling. Apparently.

I’d love to see some pictures from you- feel free to link in the comments to a picture-y post or a facebook album or something!

Y’all have a happy [smiley] Wednesday.

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