Smile Wednesday: Tuesday edition.

Because we have some other things to discuss tomorrow. That’s why.

And also. I like to keep you on your toes, people. You need to be ready for anything, any day, you just don’t know what I’m gonna throw your way.

If you’ll recall, we did have a Top 5 Friday on a Saturday a few weeks ago… because I am a zany son of a gun.

So. Today. Pictures. Go.

The upside of daily rain? Gorgeous gorgeous gardens. I get to walk by this house every day and it brings such joy to my soul.


I hear ya, sister. Groceries can get pretty heavy. Lucky for you, you are close enough to the ground that you can drag your bag along. Live it up. That won’t last forever.


How do you feel about my leopard print fingernails?


Don’t even get me started on what the sky does here when the sun sets. It is to die for.


My neighborhood can get pretty creepy. I like it.


The clouds and the moon and a car and the colors. I wish I was able to capture the FEEL of the night too. It was so crisp and cool and yet totally inviting.


For a non-professional photog, I am pretty proud of this. I mean, I’m just sayin’. That’s a good moon right there.


And finally, for your viewing pleasure [and even though I look ridiculous most of this time], the effects of a windy Monday in Edinburgh.

. . . . .

See? That was worth a Smile, Wednesday on a Tuesday…. right? 🙂

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