Smile Wednesday #7: iPhone edition

It’s been far too long since we had a Smile Wednesday up in here. [Like, since October, which is just ridiculous. I apologize. Sincerely.]

And all these photos were taken using Anita, my new best friend iPhone. She’s such a champ.  I can remember life without her, but I don’t prefer it.

Here’s a fun shot of our book club. We discussed In The Woods, drank Hot Toddys [because the main character had what one might call a “whiskey drinking problem”], and purely enjoyed each other’s company.  Book Club is such a highlight of my Nash-life.


My friends Hillary and Graham had a housewarming party and I truly love this next picture because:

1. Skip on the left looks like he is so thoroughly bored that he is whistling.
2. Jason on the right looks like he is about to give Hillary a swift overhanded punch to the head.
3. And Hillary looks completely content with the entire situation.


Here’s Jason and I enjoying possible the best sushi in the world Nashville.  This is officially the first picture that Anita ever took [single tear].


This is Skip imitating me the day I got my iPhone.  Punk.


Here is a shot of our family dinner.  I completely 100% stole this picture from Andy Merrick [so I guess Anita didn’t take them all].  But it’s still taken from an iPhone, so I think it counts. [Back off, rule follower.]  Family dinner is a little tradition we started this night and somehow it has continued on without ceasing. It’s pretty awesome- just a bunch of friends who pool their time and food and laughs together on Sunday nights.  I heart it mucho.


While I’m in the stealing mode, I’ll steal this photo that my friend Jason sent me last week [this Jason, not the previously mentioned Jason] because I think it is possibly the most beautiful shot I’ve seen from an iPhone.  Oh Colorado, I like you in a serious way.


Mmm… Smile Wednesday, I’ve missed you, old friend.  Shall we rekindle?  Only time will tell. But I’m feeling pretty good about it.

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