Andrew Peterson.

Andrew Peterson and his wife hold a special place in my heart, whether they know it or not.

See, a few weeks ago, I told them a major secret.  Standing in line at the Third Day show, I told them the deepest secret I was currently housing.  After discussing his AMAZING book and my slowly appearing book, I said quietly and almost in a whisper, “Andrew, Jamie, I hate my book.”

I was scared to think it, much less say it.  It’s my first time around this block, after all.  This book is supposed to be my bread and butter.  And I hated it.

I’ve only had three or four conversations with them since I moved here- but in those conversations, they hugged that little writer that lives in me, asking about my work, listening intently and responding to my ideas.  So in that moment, Andrew felt like a safe ear.  And he was.

I try not to be overdramatic, but I will say this- Andrew telling me that it is okay to hate my book, to set it aside and ask God for something else to work on for a while, may have saved my writing career.

And I will be forever grateful.

On Sunday night I got to go to Andrew’s CD release party at 12th & Porter.  And these are the nights when I smile because I live in the same city as these people.

It was an awesome show.  It was beauticulous.  Beautiful melodies.  Ridiculously talented musicians.  All together off the chain.  [And that’s a good thing, Mom.  Just so you are up with the lingo.]

I have never had this experience at a show before, but as I listened, I felt like crying.  Really deep, safe, empty your soul kind of crying.  And at the same time, it felt hopeful.  The music itself FELT hopeful.  How does he DO that?

It’s just the way he writes.  It’s the way he thinks.  It’s the way he composes these phrases that attach themselves to my heart as if they have been there all along.

His lyrics ruin me in a way that makes my soul ask for more.

I’m a sucker for good songwriters.  I know.  I just really love hearing someone retell the story of the gospel-in song or book or conversation.

I came home and wished with all my might that I could go back and buy everything he has ever written and sit up all night and listen to the words over and over again and maybe write them down because.  Well.  Just because.

And for FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT I have been listening to his music.

The CD came on out Tuesday, but being that it was Tatum’s birthday, my sister trumped the CD.

But y’all.  You need this CDPlease go buy this CD.  And then back up and buy anything else of his that your budget allows.  [Especially his book, because there are sequels to come and you are going to want to be ready.]

Thanks, Andrew.  For your words in the book.  For your words on your CD.  For your words that day when you made me feel like a real writer.

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