Dave Barnes: Stories To Tell

You guys.

This album.

I can’t quit it. And it is brand new.

And I’ve got some serious dance moves going on when I listen to White Flag. It’s my favorite of the non make-me-cry variety on Stories To Tell.

If you’ve read From Head To Foot, you know that it was this yahoo who wrote the kindest preface an author could ever ask for. He’s a good dude.


That’s not why I’m telling you about his music.

I’m telling you about this CD because it matches the weather and it is some of the best tunes that Dave has ever put out and I don’t know how he does it, but every single album is better than the one before. I think he uses magic. Seriously. The Potter kind.

[Kidding. He’s just gifted. It’s different than magic.]

This is literally the best way that you can use $10 today.

Also, Dave is about to tour it up for the next few weeks and you will be all shades of happy if you get to go. And he’ll give you a special high-five if you say, “I’m friends with AnnieBlogs” when you meet him after the show.



Buy the record.

Go to a show.



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